VentQuest 2

As promised, here’s the update on my VentQuest assets. First up is some generic office things!

Here’s some kitchen/break room type stuff. Definitely a lot more to come in this department, still texturing a lot of it.

These are some of the items you’ll use to solve puzzles around the office. Some are just there for atmosphere though, like the takeout containers.

And of course there’s still the amazing posters. I have to admit, making these has been the most fun on this project so far. I still need to find a way to spice up the Teamwork and Think Outside the Box posters, they’re way too bland. :/

And no office would be complete without awful cubicles and fluorescent lighting, but that stuff is still being put together. Next update I should have some screens of all this in Unity. Hooray!



Lately I’ve been working on my own personal project on the side, tenatively titled VentQuest. It’s basically a sarcastic office point-and-click game. Here are some of my favorite assets so far. :D
I’m still pretty iffy about the two posters on the left, but I’m quite satisfied with how these came out otherwise. More updates to come soon!