Senior Game Project

Progress on VentQuest has slowed recently, mostly for lack of a persistent coder. But that’s okay, because I have more than enough other things to do!

I started a pony for a contest at school that I didn’t finish on time, but I’m hoping to get it done in the next few weeks for fun.

Armory, the first of my apocalypse ponies :D

Apparently, rigging horses is difficult. Go figure.

So my newest project/assignment is to adapt myself to a specific game’s style. I’m going to make a bowling alley for Tron: Uprising, because it will be hilarious. (I know it’s not technically a game, but it still has models and textures like one, so it totally counts.) Still working on concepts, but I’ll be posting them up soon. Really not looking forward to using UDK, but I suppose it’s about time I buckled down and figured it out. :P