More paint times

I’ve been too quiet again lately (progress on everything has slowed) so here’s another speed paint!

gettin into that xmas spirit

Not wild about the techno-stone bits (they were kind of an afterthought) but I’m much happier with these pines than my previous attempts.


For Glory & For Spite

Woot! I have the first colors blocked out on the Scythian.

Dunno what’s goin on with the face yet so I left it in darkness. Obviously there’s still a lot of work to do, but I think the awkward shape looks much better with the belts. There’s a few places that I’m unsure of where to go (should the arms be bracers or bandages? so many questions!) but I’m thinking at this rate I’ll be wrapping this up within the week. Hooray!

Updates on Things

So I’ve been pretty quiet about most of my projects, I figured I should do something about that. It’s not much to look at, but here’s a Tron couch for my bowling alley:

Still needs unwrapping and a texture (like everything else on that project) but I’m pretty happy with the model in any case. This is much, much higher poly than I normally work (512 at last count), but I figured it’d be alright this once. I also need more practice in high poly modeling anyway. Regrettably, I’m about a week and a half or so behind my milestones for this project. Which is why I’m glad I left two weeks at the end for polishing, looks like I’ll be needing those big time.

I’ve also been working on the Scythian! I’m done with the modeling unless I decide to change something later.


I’m really not digging the hair right now. Actually I’m kind of disliking the whole thing- it seems way too flat and boring. Hopefully some fun texture work will have her looking spiffy, otherwise I’ll have to redo the whole tunic part. Meh.


Still working on portfolio things! Also painting and Tron things. But this post is about Sword & Sworcery!

I recently had the time to actually sit down and play through the whole game. Favorite game ever? Probably not, but totes in my top ten. I couldn’t wait to do some fan art for it, so I decided to model the Scythian!

i didn’t make the scythian but i did make her wave ok

I’m not nearly done, but the fun thing about blogs is posting WIPs! So here’s where I’m at now:

the right one has some clothes and is the more recent one

Currently at 388 polys, but there is also a lot of optimization left to do. I doubt the finished version will exceed 500. Ooh ooh, should I do a pixel texture like on my ventquest things? I probably will (though in a bigger resolution) but lemme know whatcha think anyway!

now we are cosmic friends forever

Portfolio Times

Finally added an actual gallery to the site- it’s over there on the right —–>

Definitely need to find all my old arts and throw them on there. Also I need to find a new theme, this one is all fun but it’s too poorly laid out for my tastes.

I don’t like updating without a picture, so here’s a recent painting that I’m somewhat proud of.
My textures need a lot of work, but I’m happy with the composition at least.

hooray progress

Old Stuff: Crossing Over

Hooray for old art! Here’s some renders of assets I did for Game Production 3 a while back.

Charon, the Ferryman

It was basically a frogger clone with slightly more complicated mechanics. You had to ferry souls across the river to collect coins.

Soul + Level 1 Assets

I might throw some game screens up here tomorrow so you can see how this crazy stuff looked together. I’d love to revisit this project someday- I think there’s a lot of ideas in there left to explore. Also badly in need of some polish…

Level 2 Assets

In other news, I shaved my beard off! Apparently it wasn’t a popular decision, as many people felt the need today to inform me that I’m creepy as hell without it. Live and learn, I guess.

Paints & things

Figured I might as well give an update on my mentorship. The past few weeks I’ve been doing quick, 20-minute speed paintings. The results were… less than stellar. It definitely helped me see how far I had to go as an artist; I can’t keep relying on gimmicky vector art to save me.

I mean, it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but…

Today I had a meeting with my mentor, Mark Orr. He helped show me a few areas I was lacking in, most notably a sense of depth in my paintings. Here’s a painting I did earlier today, about 6 hours ago:
Kind of awful. That’s supposed to be a forest at the bottom, for the record. Ugh.

After getting some feedback in general on my paintings and watching Mark do a paintover of another piece, I tried my hand at touching up this one:

Maybe not professional level, but it’s unquestionably an improvement. I’m hoping to keep up this pace so I can actually paint something worth a damn by the end of this term.