Still working on portfolio things! Also painting and Tron things. But this post is about Sword & Sworcery!

I recently had the time to actually sit down and play through the whole game. Favorite game ever? Probably not, but totes in my top ten. I couldn’t wait to do some fan art for it, so I decided to model the Scythian!

i didn’t make the scythian but i did make her wave ok

I’m not nearly done, but the fun thing about blogs is posting WIPs! So here’s where I’m at now:

the right one has some clothes and is the more recent one

Currently at 388 polys, but there is also a lot of optimization left to do. I doubt the finished version will exceed 500. Ooh ooh, should I do a pixel texture like on my ventquest things? I probably will (though in a bigger resolution) but lemme know whatcha think anyway!

now we are cosmic friends forever


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