My Hero

Another WIP. I’ll have another progress gif when it’s done, which is at least a day or two off.


Finished B&W Paint

Here’s the final black and white piece for my capstone.


I’m mostly satisfied with it. I know for sure the texture overlay is too obvious, but I’m not really sure how to go about painting it in more subtly. I’m also not super stoked about how the trees came out (especially the bottom trees- without the trunks, they just look like lumpy rocks. :/ ) In any case, this piece was a wonderful learning exercise, despite its flaws.

Expect updates soon on the Sworcery project! I’ll have at least limited functionality in the meadow by tonight, so with any luck I’ll have something nice to turn in tomorrow.

Shiny New Avatar

You may have noticed my lovely face in the corner! I had a lot of fun pixeling it over the past 24 hours, and I learned a lot doing it. Since I’m so super cool, I even have a progress animation for it.

Progress2 portait300(upscaled for your viewing pleasure)

The original is 100×100, 8 colors.

More Meadow

I didn’t want to post an update on the meadow until it was done, but it’s been too long between posts, so here you go:

yeahThere’s still some minor things to be done visually (some kind of fog particle effect, one more model, actually posing the damn characters) and the rest is script. Hopefully I can find someone to do it for me, because I really don’t have the time to sit down and re-learn all that code-type stuff this week.

Meadow update

MeadowWIPSo yeah, this is where I am at the end of today. That wall is made of eight or so different size blocks, four types of bushes, and two hanging plants (which are planes with opacity). Seems like building it out is just as time-consuming as actually making the assets, but I’m getting more excited as it comes together. Woot!

For the record, this is the area I’m recreating

Edit: link won’t work for some reason, so you can just copy/paste this I guess:


So here’s number four finished!


oh look, a hippie

I am completely in love with that worthless sheep. Not too big on the symmetry on the dress, and overall it feels under-detailed, but I don’t have time to muck around over every little thing right now. This is the last character (for now) because I need to get moving on that environment piece.

Oh, by the by, I dropped the Tron bowling alley project in favor of this one, and my teacher was cool with it. So now I can stop feeling guilty about all the time I’ve spent on these! :D

Hardest part now will be deciding which environment from S&S to model.