extra stripey

Done with another set… kind of. I’m not actually that wild about Logfella (the model or the texture), least of all the face. There’s considerably less detail in him than the other guys I’ve done, but at this point it’s becoming hard to care. :P

All I really want to do is rig the Scythian and the Grizzled Boor so I can make them dance/fight/et cetera.

I’m much more happy with how Dogfella came out, so here’s a close up of just him.

bark bark bark

bark bark bark

After I get Girl and the worthless sheep done I’ll be ready to move on to an environment piece. This side project is clearly overtaking my senior game project, and I’m much more excited about it. I think next time I see my teacher I’ll ask if I can change my project. At week 8 it’s a bit late, but they’re about the same amount done, so…


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