Some WIPs

bear dream eater2


Finished B&W Paint

Here’s the final black and white piece for my capstone.


I’m mostly satisfied with it. I know for sure the texture overlay is too obvious, but I’m not really sure how to go about painting it in more subtly. I’m also not super stoked about how the trees came out (especially the bottom trees- without the trunks, they just look like lumpy rocks. :/ ) In any case, this piece was a wonderful learning exercise, despite its flaws.

Expect updates soon on the Sworcery project! I’ll have at least limited functionality in the meadow by tonight, so with any luck I’ll have something nice to turn in tomorrow.

Portfolio Times

Finally added an actual gallery to the site- it’s over there on the right —–>

Definitely need to find all my old arts and throw them on there. Also I need to find a new theme, this one is all fun but it’s too poorly laid out for my tastes.

I don’t like updating without a picture, so here’s a recent painting that I’m somewhat proud of.
My textures need a lot of work, but I’m happy with the composition at least.

hooray progress

Paints & things

Figured I might as well give an update on my mentorship. The past few weeks I’ve been doing quick, 20-minute speed paintings. The results were… less than stellar. It definitely helped me see how far I had to go as an artist; I can’t keep relying on gimmicky vector art to save me.

I mean, it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but…

Today I had a meeting with my mentor, Mark Orr. He helped show me a few areas I was lacking in, most notably a sense of depth in my paintings. Here’s a painting I did earlier today, about 6 hours ago:
Kind of awful. That’s supposed to be a forest at the bottom, for the record. Ugh.

After getting some feedback in general on my paintings and watching Mark do a paintover of another piece, I tried my hand at touching up this one:

Maybe not professional level, but it’s unquestionably an improvement. I’m hoping to keep up this pace so I can actually paint something worth a damn by the end of this term.