The First Strike

ForMrBeast ForMrBeastx2I did this for Secret Santa on the Pixelation forums.


A Tank

Just another quick “study.” Almost 2 hours total. Have a sketchfab! (click to view in 3D)

And some stills, since wordpress apparently won’t let you embed a sketchfab unless you host your own site. Oy.

tank pictank pic 2

110 tris, 64×64 texture.
I figure I’ll be doing these weekly (maybe more), it helps to keep me from feeling stuck in a rut.

Heldsheep Peaks

Finally done! I surprised myself at how intuitive most of the texturing turned out to be, seems I’m getting the hang of all this. I’ll make a proper portfolio shot of this later.



Here’s a few close ups so you can actually see what the heck is goin’ on.closeup1 closeup2 Closeup3 Overall, I think it needs something. Probably some trees, vines, scattered debris, maybe a few more tile variations, but I think it’s time to move on for now.

Outdoor Ruins WIP

I’ve been working on another modular environment set, this time with a bit more planning. It’s taken longer than I imagined, mostly because I was worried about getting a consistent style, but now I’m realizing that’s something you work on as you go along.




Level mockup!

peaksTexture I’ve only textured a few pieces so far, but I’m liking how it’s starting to come together. Grass needs some work, but at this point it’s all downhill. The good kind of downhill, where it’s easier, not the kind where everything starts to suck.