Violetblight Quarry

So, finally done with this set.

MineShaftAssetsThe whole set is completely modular, the floor and walls are just planes with the tile textures thrown on. I may use this in an actual game someday, but until then I’m content to move on.

Here’s a shot of the mine without the photoshop shenanigans, in case anyone’s interested.sceneRender2

The Grizzled Boor! And other exciting stories

Update on school things: progressing, but nothing interesting to show.

Other things, meanwhile, are super way cool, like this almost-done Grizzled Boor model!


Rockin’ the whole nudist thing

The only thingĀ  left (model/texture-wise, anyway) is detailing on those neck things, which I still can’t quite figure out what the heck they are. (Grizzles?)

I still have to rig/animate the guy so he can dance for me. Speaking of things that need to be rigged, here’s the completed Scythian model:

A bit stiff at the moment...

A bit stiff at the moment…

I’m super excited about how this turned out! I can’t wait to do some animations. The one thing I’m iffy about is the Mega Tome just kinda wedged back there, I might just make it invisible until she grabs it.
Also here are some closeups of the mad props (teehee)

I may also model the mushroom and key

I may also model the mushroom and key

And, because I’m super cool, I also have an animation for the Mega Tome!

This is seriously the most fun project I’ve had in a while. Once I get these guys done I think I’ll do a mockup environment too. :D

Updates on Things

So I’ve been pretty quiet about most of my projects, I figured I should do something about that. It’s not much to look at, but here’s a Tron couch for my bowling alley:

Still needs unwrapping and a texture (like everything else on that project) but I’m pretty happy with the model in any case. This is much, much higher poly than I normally work (512 at last count), but I figured it’d be alright this once. I also need more practice in high poly modeling anyway. Regrettably, I’m about a week and a half or so behind my milestones for this project. Which is why I’m glad I left two weeks at the end for polishing, looks like I’ll be needing those big time.

I’ve also been working on the Scythian! I’m done with the modeling unless I decide to change something later.


I’m really not digging the hair right now. Actually I’m kind of disliking the whole thing- it seems way too flat and boring. Hopefully some fun texture work will have her looking spiffy, otherwise I’ll have to redo the whole tunic part. Meh.

Old Stuff: Crossing Over

Hooray for old art! Here’s some renders of assets I did for Game Production 3 a while back.

Charon, the Ferryman

It was basically a frogger clone with slightly more complicated mechanics. You had to ferry souls across the river to collect coins.

Soul + Level 1 Assets

I might throw some game screens up here tomorrow so you can see how this crazy stuff looked together. I’d love to revisit this project someday- I think there’s a lot of ideas in there left to explore. Also badly in need of some polish…

Level 2 Assets

In other news, I shaved my beard off! Apparently it wasn’t a popular decision, as many people felt the need today to inform me that I’m creepy as hell without it. Live and learn, I guess.

More Tron Concepts

And here’s some more Tron stuff!

Right now I’m torn on whether to use the ball with crazy tech lines or the wheeldiscthing. My main issue with the latter is that I’m not sure exactly where/how one would roll it, or even where you’d fit your hand around it. On the other hand, it looks much more sleek and it would be easier to render a light rail behind it, given that it isn’t completely round. I dunno.z

My biggest issue right now is deciding on a layout for the building. I’ve always liked architecture and I studied it a bit in high school, but it’s much harder to design a business than a house. Also, considering it’s for Tron, I’m not sure if I should include considerations like bathrooms. Definitely gonna have a counter to rent those horrible shoes though, it wouldn’t beĀ  a bowling alley without those. Floor plan should be up later today.

VentQuest 2

As promised, here’s the update on my VentQuest assets. First up is some generic office things!

Here’s some kitchen/break room type stuff. Definitely a lot more to come in this department, still texturing a lot of it.

These are some of the items you’ll use to solve puzzles around the office. Some are just there for atmosphere though, like the takeout containers.

And of course there’s still the amazing posters. I have to admit, making these has been the most fun on this project so far. I still need to find a way to spice up the Teamwork and Think Outside the Box posters, they’re way too bland. :/

And no office would be complete without awful cubicles and fluorescent lighting, but that stuff is still being put together. Next update I should have some screens of all this in Unity. Hooray!