Llama Study

Another quick thing. No sketchfab this time ’cause there’s not much to show. I guess I need to work on my llama skills, since this one looks a bit more like an angry, stretched-out dog.

llama renderTook an hour to model, half an hour to half-ass unwrap and texture. 536 tris. I may revisit this and actually do more than slap on some flat colors. >>


A Tank

Just another quick “study.” Almost 2 hours total. Have a sketchfab!

MiniTank.zip (click to view in 3D)


And some stills, since wordpress apparently won’t let you embed a sketchfab unless you host your own site. Oy.

tank pictank pic 2

110 tris, 64×64 texture.
I figure I’ll be doing these weekly (maybe more), it helps to keep me from feeling stuck in a rut.