Updates on Things

So I’ve been pretty quiet about most of my projects, I figured I should do something about that. It’s not much to look at, but here’s a Tron couch for my bowling alley:

Still needs unwrapping and a texture (like everything else on that project) but I’m pretty happy with the model in any case. This is much, much higher poly than I normally work (512 at last count), but I figured it’d be alright this once. I also need more practice in high poly modeling anyway. Regrettably, I’m about a week and a half or so behind my milestones for this project. Which is why I’m glad I left two weeks at the end for polishing, looks like I’ll be needing those big time.

I’ve also been working on the Scythian! I’m done with the modeling unless I decide to change something later.


I’m really not digging the hair right now. Actually I’m kind of disliking the whole thing- it seems way too flat and boring. Hopefully some fun texture work will have her looking spiffy, otherwise I’ll have to redo the whole tunic part. Meh.


Still more Tron

Here’s the tentative layout of the bowling alley. Still missing most doors and some seating, but otherwise should be okay.

The squares by the booths are supposed to be pool tables, for the record. I might post a few more concepts, but most likely I’ll be jumping right into the modeling shortly. Hooray!

More Tron Concepts

And here’s some more Tron stuff!

Right now I’m torn on whether to use the ball with crazy tech lines or the wheeldiscthing. My main issue with the latter is that I’m not sure exactly where/how one would roll it, or even where you’d fit your hand around it. On the other hand, it looks much more sleek and it would be easier to render a light rail behind it, given that it isn’t completely round. I dunno.z

My biggest issue right now is deciding on a layout for the building. I’ve always liked architecture and I studied it a bit in high school, but it’s much harder to design a business than a house. Also, considering it’s for Tron, I’m not sure if I should include considerations like bathrooms. Definitely gonna have a counter to rent those horrible shoes though, it wouldn’t beĀ  a bowling alley without those. Floor plan should be up later today.